Workshop: “Winning the Challenge of Competitiveness between Spending Review and Spread,” Strategies for Public Administration 3.0

February 15, 2013, casa dei Progetti, Castellina in Chianti
Ideas for Marketing and Branding of the Territory

Workshop targeted to localĀ  public administrators of the Chianti area and Siena

The competitiveness between territories increases the importance of strategic communication processes of the local offer. In order for the Public Administration to become a pole of attraction of investments and resources, it is important to:

  • enhance the identity and the genius loci of the different territories
  • take advantage of the territorial heritage , conceived as a set of tangible and intangible elements that compose the system of local offer
  • narrate the distinctive and particular features through unified and coordinated brand policy actions

The aim of the workshop was to propose to the directors and officers of the municipalities of Chianti a new model for the promotion the brand “Chianti”, through strategies for brand awareness, consolidation of the brand image of the area, building brand reputation.
To overcome the fragmentation of local offer and build a solid brand equity, it is necessary to:

  • define a shared and recognizable image
  • provide a roadmap for brand communication involving the main stakeholders and players in the area

During the workshop, were presented the opportunities offered by the Social Housing as a lever for local marketing, and the opportunities offered by public funds dedicated to PA and businesses, by Regional and European calls for tender.

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